Steven-Composing-cropped Steven composed his first melody, “Waltz of the Ants”, at age 5.  He soon developed a love for the classics, and by the time he turned 18 he was studying avant-garde contemporary music and producing pieces such as the Sonatina for Horn and Piano, r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r (textural piece for 12-part chorus with text by e. e. cummings)  and Ring Whisper (guided improvisation for pianist, vocalist and audience) under the instruction of Dr. Marlene Schleiffer.  In 2003 Steven enrolled at Oberlin Conservatory as a composition major, studying with Randy Coleman and Jeff Kowalkowski.  Since 2007, his approach to composition has centered around integration of jazz, classical, and world music influences.  Click below to hear a recent composition:


Steven is currently preparing an album of new jazz compositions for release by the end of 2017.  Other current compositional interests include:

  • chant
  • microtones
  • the overtone series
  • ritual and healing music
  • developing intuitive systems of music notation
  • discovering applications of 20th & 21st Century compositional techniques in the context of music healing.

If you would like to commission a composition, or if you are a musician or artist who is interested in integrating composition and improvisation, please click here to get in touch.

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