Born into a family of educators, Steven seems to have been destined to continue on that path.  He answered the call in 2000 when his reputation as an outstanding young musician began leading to requests for lessons.  Since those teenage years, he has worked continuously to develop his qualifications.  Along the way he has had the opportunity to work with students ranging from age 5-90 from across the socioeconomic spectrum, expanding to include instruction in other keyboard and brass instruments, beginning woodwinds and percussion, theory, composition, and improvisation.

Over the years, Steven has been privileged to receive instruction and mentorship from a number of highly qualified teachers representing a wide variety of great musical lineages, including:

  • David Baker, Professor of Jazz Studies at Indiana University; seminal jazz educator
  • Richard Hoffmann, Professor of Composition at Oberlin Conservatory; student and amanuensis of Arnold Schoenberg
  • Michael Lewellen, Principal Hornist of the Ft. Wayne Philharmonic; student of Dale Clevenger and Arnold Jacobs of the legendary Chicago Symphony brass section
  • Silvia Nakkach, Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies; pioneer in the field of Sound and Music Healing; cultural ambassador of Yoruba and shamanic            musical traditions; long-time student of North Indian classical Maestro Ali Akbar Khan
  • Marlene Schleiffer, Professor of Oboe and Composition at Huntington University;         direct descendant of Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Benny Barth, Max Hartstein, and Claude Sifferlen, three jazz musicians hailing from Indianapolis who collectively worked with legends including Wes Montgomery, Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Bud Powell, Dizzy Gillespie, Dexter Gordon, Freddie Hubbard, Milt Jackson, Vince Guaraldi and many more

as well as a number of other wonderful teachers and mentors including pianists Sandra Birdsall, Evalyn Wohlford, Janice Fulbright, and  Luke Gillespie; hornists Thaine Campbell, Fred Ehnes, Gail Lewis, and Bill Browne; and composers Randolph Coleman, Lewis Nielson, and Jeff Kowalkowski.

In addition to offering private in-home instruction, Steven has taught lessons at Vance Music Center in Bloomington, IN; 5th grade band at Lyons Elementary in Tucson, AZ; and organ classes for senior citizens at Fletcher Music Studios in Green Valley, AZ.  Most recently Steven spent three years working with Instrumental Music for Children in the Walnut Creek, CA area, where he provided individual and group instruction in piano, brass, woodwinds and percussion to students K-8.  Steven now teaches at Americana Music Academy in Lawrence, KS.

Steven currently offers private lessons in:

  • piano
  • brass instruments (horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium)
  • theory
  • composition
  • improvisation

If you are interested in developing your musical skills in any of these areas, please click here to contact Steven about lessons.


“Steven Bergdall taught band for 5th grade students during the 2010-2011 school year.  This was a positive experience as was shown on their faces at the 5th grade performance in the spring. Students learned how to read music, play an instrument and appreciate how a band works together to perform a musical piece.  I highly recommend Mr. Bergdall as a band/music teacher for elementary school!” -Sheila Govern, Principal, Lyons Elementary, Tucson

“Steven has the patience of a saint!”  -Ruth, organ student